SSOE Clan Update

26/10/2011 13:06
  Ok to all SSOE Members we the LEADERS are trying to make this a good Clan, we may not be the best gaming Clan out there but we do try our best to get on the Leader Boards :/   Like most Clans we try not to fall apart and Fail the reasons why most Clans fall apart and fail is...

Leader Changes

05/10/2011 21:04
Ok all SSOE Members as you know Renegade-V8 is the founder and the LEADER of this Clan and now that SSOE has started getting massive spreading through out other Game Servers we have decided to make some additional changes to help Renegade-V8 out Kazza555 will be taking over as Boss for MW2...

Logo Design Under Way

05/10/2011 13:56
Ok we have started designing SSOE Official Logo once it has been fully completed it will be shown on the site