SSOE Clan Update

26/10/2011 13:06


Ok to all SSOE Members we the LEADERS are trying to make this a good Clan, we may not be the best gaming Clan out there but we do try our best to get on the Leader Boards :/


Like most Clans we try not to fall apart and Fail the reasons why most Clans fall apart and fail is because of the following:

  1. The Clan Leader is just plain Bossy
  2. Too much hacking or immature members
  3. Stupid Clan and inactive in many ways
  4. Does Nothing
  5. The Clan LEADER works to hard on the website
  6. The Clan Leader just run a Clan to be bossy


And we the Clan Leaders try not to let this happen, as you may not know we have more then one LEADERS running SSOE, because running a simple Clan is hard work by yourself, SSOE has different LEADERS for different Game servers E.G. Call Of Duty: Black Ops , Modern Warfare 2, and soon to be Modern Warfare 3, and other gaming titles. At the moment we are trying to look for somone who can help us run the Battlefield Bad Company 3 gaming servers on PS3. if you know anyone who can help us with this problem or if you would like to help run the gaming servers Plz contact Renegade-V8. or FergoRulzAtThis. or terrycomin on there PSN ID